DDSTrainers PC Game Trainers

Q: Are all the trainers up to date ?.
A: We are not going to lie to you and tell you that all of our Trainers are up to date like some other sites do. We try to keep them up to date as best as we can.

Q: Can i ask for a Trainer to be updated ?.
A: Ofcourse you can. Just let us know.

Q: How can i download my Premium Trainer after buying it.
A: Usually, you will get the download link for your Premium Trainer upon payment completion. If you dont get the download link upon payment completion, dont worry, we always send out all the Trainers personally by email.

Q: What does WUP mean ?.
A: With Update Protection.

Q: More questions ?.
A: You can always contact DDS @ or you can always join our discord server @

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