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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Trainer Cheat for PC

01. Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Trainer 8.10.2017

Author: BooBoo

Version: 1.0 Steam

Options: +16

Infinite Health (Mega Man 7)
Ghost Mode (Mega Man 7)
Infinite Lives (Mega Man 7)
Infinite Energy (Mega Man 7)
Infinite Health (Mega Man 8)
Ghost Mode (Mega Man 8)
Infinite Lives (Mega Man 8)
Infinite Energy (Mega Man 8)
Infinite Health (Mega Man 9)
Ghost Mode (Mega Man 9)
Infinite Lives (Mega Man 9)
Infinite Energy (Mega Man 9)
Infinite Health (Mega Man 10)
Ghost Mode (Mega Man 10)
Infinite Lives (Mega Man 10)
Infinite Energy (Mega Man 10)

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